Game Design

I wonder if we could begin to discuss design principles, rough architecture, intentions. Here are several proposals. Does anyone have a proposal?

This page can become an invitation to all people who want to build something and are keen to move this forward.

Must-Have Attributes

As a guide to our design, I propose that the following be built-in at the core of our game, and apparent at every level. Challenges, additions, likes, welcome.

  • Fun
  • Trust
  • Meaningful
  • Useful Skills
  • Relationships
  • Collaboration
  • Real World Problems


Scientific experiments have concluded that people of all ages are more productive when what they are doing is fun.


Everyone must be able to trust everyone else to some clearly defined and measurable degree. The mearsuring tools must be deeply built in, their values visible everywhere. We will optimise it to remove fear and paranoia overall. We will measure that, too.


Most games are merely entertaining or occasionally educational. What can set our game apart is that it means something to the player to play it. Meeting and collaborating with other players, solving real-world problems, learning skills rarely taught in our education system.

Useful Skills

Our education system, with its origins in training soldiers and clerks, has mostly failed to teach us to think, collaborate, empathize, or communicate. This is a rather large opportunity for us tt


Everyone we meet, chat with, work with, has as its context the relationship. The qualities that enhance that relationship enhance the meetings, chats and work. The game ought to help people get the most out of every encounter, providing training, fun and healing.


When we are not working alone, how we think, talk, listen bestows a lot onto what gets accomplished. The game ought to help us ask the right questions, follow rule omega, communicate non-violently, mostly pull in the same direction. Competition need not always prevail over collaboration.

Real World Problems

How wonderful to let us sink our teeth into real world problems. Quests offer a fun way to take one on. What if we invent wonderful, amazing solutions? Would we want to keep a short list of unsolved problems? Like, how do we change the education or the political system for something that nurtures more of us to thrive? How do we shift our ego from I to we?