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The giant particle camera at CERN

I've been fascinated and involved in technology my entire adult life. In high school, I had this record player that could play as many as six records (stacked up and dropped one at a time), at either 45 or 78 RPM. I would take that thing completely apart and reassemble it and test that indeed it worked afterwards. The purpose and placement of each piece was obvious to me. I did this over and over, like a 3D puzzle.

I felt that technology was my ally. I became a cabinetmaker in my 20's and later got into software. I tried my abilities as an entrepreneur creating a 3D cabinet design program and sold it to a few thousand people, hardly anyone returned it for their money back. So, I feel confident about designing things that people love to use.

I also feel confident enough about design to critique what's around me, from appliances in my home to the systems of civilization. I see strong indicators that technology has surpassed our species' ability to embrace it. Every time I notice it, I think about improvements, and when doing something about it is well beyond my resources, I sometimes write:

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