opening a new account

Getting a money transfer account setup took several hours so far and is still not done. Going to their website on my computer did not work because my bank is not listed. I called my bank and they said to click on the button labeled my bank is not listed. i could find no such button and told them this. they said, oh, gosh, it’s right here in the app. i asked what app is that. the money transfer app, of course. i opened the App Store and searched for it and although it was found, it was not available on this device. apparently it’s a mobile only app. so I went to my iphone and downloaded and opened it and eventually found the my bank is not listed button. Pushing it began a process of filling information into several forms, at the end of which clicked continue. the app then claimed that it had no internet service.

so then i called my cell service provider. they claimed my service had been suspended. i spent an hour with them resolving the issue. i chose a plan, discussed details and arranged payment. the latter required logging into their website (also not easy, due to password and memory issues (my brain is old and managing too much information, etc.) and filling out more forms. Then i had to power-off my iphone, also not easy as you have to press and hold the power button AND press a volume button (the latter is an obscure easily forgotten new feature). at this point i ask myself, not for the first time, how does anyone get anything done these days?

just as i finish typing the last paragraph, my computer screen goes dark, eventually showing a message claiming that it has no incoming signal. i fiddle with the connectors at the back of my computer. they are fussy and if they get the tiniest bit loose, they fail. bad hardware design, but that’s another rant entirely. fiddling did not work, so i powered the computer off and then back on. after several minutes while it tries to restore the apps to where they were when power went away, i resume writing. My cat likes the heat from my computer and likes to lie on top of it, and I love it. Just as I finish these sentences, she stretches, knocking the power cable askew, shutting the computer off before I can save this paragraph. I reboot, wait, wait, and then retype this paragraph, this time saving every sentence I write. Whew.

So, I resume working on the money transfer account creation. Because of the time spent on my cell service issues, the money transfer app’s security timeout discards all my carefully entered information and requires that i start over. Another sigh. I re-enter it all, but must have typed one wrong letter or digit. I have to start over again, this time getting it right. Now it asks me to sign in, which I do, but it then claims that an error occurred. Probably my cell tower strength is too low/

I doubt this is an experience unique to me. So, again I wonder how anyone gets anything done. Partly, this current experience is happening because I live out in the boonies, and partly because I rarely use my iphone. So in some sense this is merely a perfect storm. But, gosh, modern life is complex and challenging to negotiate a path through what should be every day tiny mole hills, not mountains.