tasks (June 5, 2023)

So, here's a typical situation I find distressing. Every day brings at least a trickle of new tasks needing attention and action. As an example, today I open a letter and calmly read it. It told me that if I don't make contact rather soon, some service I like may be altered or removed. No phone number given. I mutter "unbelievable," and try visiting the website they mention, and struggle (with more muttering) to log in and struggle to navigate. Ahah, I find a number and I call it. Okay, so get this: I am on hold for just shy of two hours while multitasking. I gave up and ended the call when a friend calls me and I let them through. Later, back on the site, I found a waiting list, where I added my phone number to have them call me back. They have not called in the 30 hours since. This is how my task list often contains tasks which will take significant time to accomplish nothing. I figure this is due to services that have not scaled well to match current demands. My guess is that petty competition from other initiatives starve budgets. I also suppose that the skills and knowledge needed to create a wonderful experience is not universally shared and is slowly and expensively recreated in each separate initiative. This and ill-adapted rigid processes long past their use-by date that are too expensive to update and retrain teams. These are massive global inefficiencies, impacting enterprises and individuals to who knows what overall cost of time.