Companies need working capital which quite often comes from investors. Investors do this for profit. To make this work, products are optimized for profit margin. It's that or go out of business.

There are two things wrong with this method of creating and nurturing a human enterprise. The first is that the customer is envisioned as a necessary burden rather than as the core reason for existence. Advertising is carefully crafted to draw customers into making a purchase. Done. After that, the concern for the customer is reduced to a barely sufficient minimum. The second thing wrong is that this makes the shareholders vastly important and influential. But wait, what's their motive? Quality, customer relations, happy employees, ecological impact? Rarely is this the case. Instead, most shareholders are excited about profits, dividends and increases in stock value.

Where does the profit really go? Investors and high salary employees.

Most collective human efforts are measured against the paradigm and methodology of corporations. Is such a collective effort worth funding? My question is, what about other designs for human efforts? For an answer, I hear crickets.