Low quality

I don't know about you but I find myself encountering gotchas a lot. I think I know why and the explanation doesn't help, sorry.

The lid on a jar is too tight and needs a tool, the first one may not quite work and six tools later, you finally are satisfied, but it's a bit awkward to use. Or logging onto a site involves nineteen steps, and some of them are on a separate device.

As we introduce new cool things, we try to anticipate how they will be used and adapt our design and production for that. Users are trouble. We have lots of differences. Our lives are unstable. Encountering a new cool thing means learning how to use it. Always.

So, the design team builds a plan and commits resources. Engineers, artists, technicians, marketers and such like. Each resource has its abilities. All abilities have limits. In the end, the new cool thing is created and deployed according to the best possible use of those resources.

Take jars, for example. On the factory floor the lids are added and tightened by a machine on an assembly line. That machine (from its manufacturer) was selected by the design team. It was designed and produced by the manufacture's teams. Each team does its best to anticipate how the jar will be used. The lids need to be tight enough to absolutely not leak.

Now take the tool. Each one had a design team, and a factory floor with a machine. Did their best to anticipate and improve the experience of using the tool.

Lots of anticipation by lots of teams, using their abilities, and delivering a cool new thing. All along the chain of effort, from designing to using, each individual involved works at their best.

Here's the thing. The situation is complicated and limitations matter. Creating a leak proof lid that is easy to open by hand is outside the bounds of the limits. Imagination involved in designing a tool has it's limits. Should the tool be hand held? Lots of good questions need to be thought of and asked. Does the manufacturer include careful observation of the cool new thing being used?

Is it possible to remove all the limitations? Nope. I've got nothing. This explanation doesn't help, sorry. But it does point out that nobody is really to blame. We simply exceed our limits in our eagerness to sell cool new things.

Is this a modern problem that has suddenly come upon us? Nope, again. It's just more in our face.