Conflict Resolution

We're only human. We have needs that we experience as emotions. These emotions sometimes drive us to act out or aggressively pursue conflict. We could have a place for people to feel safe enough to be vulnerable and tell their truth and accept guidance to identify and fulfill our needs and resolve conflicts.

A facilitator for such a safe place will need to have some unusual skills:

  • deep listening
  • empathy
  • insightful reflections
  • asking dignifying questions

A skill badge for conflict resolution would indicate a high likelyhood that the bearer can tame conflict and bring the parties into harmony and trust.

An excellent and well-developed training is widely available through the Center for Non-Violent Communication.

Conflict is resolved in the context of a community system and a value system. If you abandon these then the conflict won't get resolve and instead teach them to be uncivilized brutes. Differences will always emerge, allowing them to be articulated and heard is an important step. Followed by a determined search for common areas.