Conversational Literacy

As I understand it, please correct my errors, conversational literacy in a group allows it to accomplish more with more delight and less effort.

In simplest terms, it's just an etiquette. Still, it's a big ask. When to talk and when to go quiet. How to listen. Be respectful. Stay relevant.

It's a philosophy as well. An attitude that we are all creating the same single thing, knowing exactly what it is.

Listening and talking

The Game B concept of Rule Omega is hugely valuable. Do you find it easy to listen for "the signal in the noise" and contribute only what the group needs? We all want to contribute your creativity, insight and passion. Can you ask yourself how your piece fits what is being created? Shall we all learn to spontaneously be brief and pause so others can reflect?

Empathy, the ability to accurately guess another's feelings or needs, is one of them. Tolerance of difference, dissent, disagreement is another. The rewards that accrue from learning these skills are easily discerned and felt. The following training programs are excellent:

One topic

Focusing on one topic at a time helps us finish it. Perhaps we could all benefit from a concise purpose statement for each of the following:

  1. the overall meta project
  2. each individual project
  3. each meeting
  4. each asynchronous message channel
  5. each wiki page


Occasionally, sensitive topics arise because some of the problems we wish to resolve have deep roots in our psyche. Refreshing insight can sometimes come from deep honesty and some of that is vulnerable to social judgement. Would you like to know how to request safety and also know how to provide it?


We are much more than our passions and skills. We have unique experiences, childhood traumas, medical histories. Each time we meet, we learn more about these individual facets. The more we pay attention, the deeper our connections and the more valuable and mature our relationships.


Do you find it really easy to weaponize it? :) Ever felt disappointed when someone is breaking the rules? Does not calling them on it feel upsetting? As far as I know, all of this is natural and normal. Would you like to become vigilant about your feelings?