A great number of words have been uttered by a lot of smart people. They are heard by those present and sometimes added to. They are recorded in audio and text and preserved in wiki pages and Mattermost channels. This is valuable material and we are masterful at its careful preservation.

The drawback is its enormity. Nobody yet has claimed to read, much less digest, all of it. Most of our potential readers and contributors have plates too full to spare time for more than a synopsis. Another drawback is repetition. We easily lose interest when we encounter the same idea many times. A third drawback is disorganization. This makes understanding a challenge in that a lot must be read without a basis of understanding. It makes finding specific material a chore that all of us must do every time we desire it.

Skill at Curating has at least two components: organization and brevity. We need to define them, and search for a way to train people to do it. Both require unusual skill.


Would you like this wiki to have a landing page containing a brief synopsis of the meta project and a short table of top-level topic links? Each link pointing to a similar page regarding its topic, and so on?

Of course, some topics need to appear in multiple such tables, this is natural. Do you think it is unlikely to be a problem?

Do you like the challenge of naming a topic? of sorting out where to put it? Is this too easy to be worth training?


On one hand, these synopses need to be brief. On the other, they work best if they are comprehensive enough to capture the intent of the topic. This is a terrific friction.

Would you like to become skilled at this and help make our material friendly and attractive? How would you design the training that helps people prepare, write and speak with brevity?

Plenty of courses in writing exist. Do they teach how to shrink material down to its essense?