Perhaps the most important relationship that a person can have when newly joining a sovereign is with an expert who enjoys offering guidance and nurture. This as hugely missing in modern life, and those who are lucky enough to have such a relationship speak of it in glowing praise. Let's create a world in which all of us have at least one such mentor throughout most of our lives.

A mentor can suggest areas to work on, help make needed resources available. They are trained to be nurturing, healing, a shoulder to cry on, an advocate in promulgating influence. Generally, they are a lifelong friend and expert.

Along the way, a mentor may notice that their apprentice is showing interest in a different sovereign and asks about it, possibly assisting with introductions into the other sovereign. This helps everyone involved.

Above all else, the mentor will likely be most effective and well received when they focus on the relationship with their apprentice and the latter’s life goals.

Variations on mentoring

A mentor can advocate on your behalf to help you connect to or acquire resources.

An enabler can help you to

  • assemble a pragmatic plan to carry out your intentions
  • identify the resources needed
  • advise improvements to your plan, vision, activity
  • measure your progress
  • learn a new skill