Passions Identification

In modern life, we identify industry standard skills and provide training, creditation and jobs that require them. This is a top down approach that serves the needs of employers more than those of the rest of us.

Passions are largely ignored. A passion drives us from the inside to do outstanding work that is satisfying. This is a huge ignored opportunity. It seems obvious that global productivity would massively increase if all our passions were engaged.

To give a sense of how passions differ from skills, being a doctor is a skill, enjoying restoring health and delighting at seeing someone recover is a passion.

A person whose passions aren't aligned with an industry standard skill can still contribute a lot. How do we help such an "unskilled" person establish their reliability and contributions?

We could train people to work with others to help them discover, understand and articulate their passions. What would this training include and how will we measure it?


Perhaps such training might simply be to practice asking relevant questions such as these...

  • Do you know in detail what your passions are?
  • Do you feel that your passions are engaged?
  • What resources could you use to nurture your passions?