Bootstrap Funding

Page status: early draft

At this early phase of our build-out of the meta project infrastructure, all our effort is voluntary and unpaid. We've discussed creating an internal fund to provide fellowships and stipends to those whose income cannot sustain this effort for long. We've concluded that keeping such highly motivated people in our efforts pool is important, perhaps even vital.

One strategy for creating this fund is something frequently followed in many startups: angel or bootstrap investors or donors. Write a minimum viable business plan that describes our infrastructural goals and delineates all startup costs including fellowships. The key quality of this plan is that it be compelling enough to the right people that they inject money into our bootstrap fund.

Furthermore, as we talk with people about bringing their technology into our infrastructure, likely they will want to know when we might become funded. Such a timeline (vague is better for some readers than nothing) can be part of this early bootstrap plan.

Probably we wish early stage funds to be donated free of pay back, so as to make them as effective as possible.

All funds eventually are owned by Lionsberg, which has built-in legal bindings to protect it from greed. All funds put in stay in, and with everyone's efforts they grow. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum sustainment stipend as long as they find something to do that adds value to lionsberg or to all.