Eventually, as sovereigns (groups, organizations, integrated product teams) mature, they will combine autonomy and tradecraft with education. For the simple reason that each guild may prefer specialized in-house training for a lot of its skills. Generic education can then focus on a smaller set of common material. I call them guilds.

Since we plan to have a core advisory execution team, one of its roles can be to guide the formation and development of each sovereign into a mature guild.

Guild Lifecycle

  • Describe a need
  • When the need reaches a threshold, create a sovereign
    • establish a leader and a spokesperson
    • purpose and responsibility statement
    • establish the initial team
    • articulate and design governance tradecraft training
  • gradually operationalize the sovereign
  • identify and acquire stakeholders
  • become a guild
    • attract, onboard and train apprentices

Threshold of Need

We anticipate having more needs than we can pursue. We need a definition of "okay, this need is huge, let's work on it." One possibility is to rank all needs according to popularity, urgency, or bang for buck. Those with the highest ranking can be filtered out as "top needs." This list becomes a main item of discussion and visited often by those looking for ways to be of help.