Current meta work on needs

Catalist team is working on implementing a needs tracker. During our conversation (Vincent Arena and Jonathan Sand on 2022-08-09), we worked out some visual details and discussed the following:

  • schema review
  • ways to add a new need:
    • plus button with a form
    • plus button inside or next to a need to add a "sub need"
    • someone posts in chat, then this need is later approved
    • plus button at bottom of form (similar to airtable's interface)
  • how to we mark a need as "in holding area"
    • checkbox (boolean yes/no)
    • Status defaults to "Draft/Holding/Proposed"
  • source (chat, mattermost, manual entry)
    • can be used to filter
    • can also be used to go back to the source
  • sort order
    • handle later
    • or do wierd shit like [group\sort, group2\sort2]
    • or copy and paste the need (if it's being fufilled by a different team)