Civilization 2.0

What other information would help you consider this proposal? This is a work in progress and will be revised unexpectedly and often.


Nearly everyone takes money for granted and few can imagine that any other form of currency will produce a thriving society.


Nearly every aspect of modern life is biased in favor of turning a profit. In particular our schools teach pretty much only those skills needed by corporations.


If a thing is not monetized, it will likely fade away. Students are rarely taught skills they need in later life: listening, thinking, collaborating, patience, tolerance. Creativity is suppressed or ignored. Modern jobs are mostly rather dull and meaningless. Debt and expenses dominate our plans and our daily life.


Let's attract huge numbers of widely diverse people to play a game in which they think about, design and immerse in a world that nurtures all of us, not just a wealthy few. A game with a reasonably low running cost, composed of competing crowd-sourced think tanks and classrooms for skills needed, exploring and experiencing a world with far less emphasis on profit and far more emphasis on being humans at our best.


Development expenses include engineering and infrastructure, covering a period of time that depends on agreed-upon design details. Ongoing operational expenses are intended to be completely covered by voluntary donations from sources who like the idea.


Everything is a guild. The first guilds are: Needs, Game Builders and Guilds. Other guilds will be created by game players once a minimum game platform is built.

I've written extensive, carefully organized details about this at Civilization 2.0 the Game. Some of it is out of date or could use editing. I tried my best to be practical and logical.

Needs Guild

The first need is to write this proposal. Next, write a business plan. Acquire donors or investers. Hire an engineering team. Build a minimum viable proof of concept. Invite players.

Game Builders Guild

Members of this guild will build game components that are easy to use by the game builders and by sophisticated game players. Enough components to give the game adequate emmersive experience and means of expanding it.

Guilds Guild

Members of this guild will guide players in creating new guilds.