Hierarchal organizations with a commander or leader in the top-most position are standard for the old world way of organizing human activity. It has many drawbacks. Such a top-most person can be creul, unethical, myopic, unimaginative, impractical, selfish. As we build our social architecture, we want to avoid such disasters.

Are councils a good alternative? They can be slow to make decisions and may not guarantee all relevant ideas will be given due consideration.

Training for this top-most role will ideally give people and councils the skills and insights to enable individuals, advocate for them (resources and connections), and facilitate group discussions and activities.

Can we assemble here some good training content? At minimum, some guidelines for such content?

In brief, facilitators can foster Collective Intelligence and Conversational Literacy. During meetings, they can help keep the topic focused and ensure its efficient closure. Assure that the goal (agenda, framing, purpose) to be scintilating and clearly stated, at the start or any time it fails to give us focus. Any single topic can get bogged down in contention and unnecessary detail. A facilitator can gently guide the conversation away from tangents and such, towards resolution.